Refer-A-Friend Promotion

Applicant Information

Phone Number
Best Time to Contact
Service NeededResidential
Speed Required (if known) 1 Mbps
3 Mbps
6 Mbps
______ Mbps
Length of Contract 1 year
2 years
3 years

Referrer Information

Phone Number
SkyPacket Account Number

Please forward information to: or (240)-580-2769.

Upon receipt of information a line-of-sight survey will be completed. A representative will contact the applicant to discuss service availability. If service is available a home survey will take place to verify availability. After this survey a contract must be signed to obtain service.

*Terms & Conditions: Service is not available in all areas. Eligibility is restricted to residential or business SkyPacket Networks customers. Wholesale internet customers are not eligible. Residential customers may refer individuals or businesses to be eligible for the bonus. Business customers must refer other businesses to be eligible for the bonus. At this time, the bonus will be limited to one account per account holder. At no time can a referral be retroactive. SkyPacket Networks must be notified prior to the date an application is submitted. After the referred parties have opened their SkyPacket Networks accounts, credit will be posted on the billing cycle of the following month.